The clinical model of RED-S describes the suboptimal health and suboptimal athletic performance consequences of low energy availability. RED-S is applicable to both female and male athletes/dancers and indeed exercisers of all ages and levels. As RED-S is a recently developed clinical concept, the purpose of this website is to raise awareness and improve identification and effective management of athletes/dancers at risk of RED-S. For those concerned about RED-S, there are signposts to the appropriate personnel and resources. We hope to start conversations on this important topic and encourage clinical research into this area.
Introduction to the

Health 4 Performance Working Group

Group Lead

Dr Nicky Keay BA, MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, MRCP

Medical doctor with extensive clinical and research experience and expertise in Sport and Dance Endocrinology

Member British Association Sport and Exercise Medicine 

Dance Endocrinologist and Pilates teacher listed One Dance. Member National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science and International Association Dance Medicine and Science 

Honorary Fellow Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Durham University

Working Group

  • Nick Allen, Clinical Director Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Dr Georgie Brunivels, Research Scientist, St Mary’s University
  • Dr Karen Hind, Associate Professor, Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences Durham University
  • Renee Mc Gregor, Sport Performance Dietician
  • Erin Sanchez, Manager Healthier Dancer Programme, One Dance
  • Dr Rebecca Robinson, Consultant Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Dr John Rogers, Consultant Sport and Exercise Medicine

Advisory Roles

  • Dr Kate Ackerman, Medical Director- Female Athlete Program, Boston Children's Hospital. IOC working group RED-S
  • Dr Kirsty Elliott-Sale, Associate Professor of Female Physiology, Nottingham Trent University
  • Dr Trent Stellingwerff , Director of Performance Solutions, Canada
  • Dr Roger Wolman, Consultant Sport and Exercise Medicine

Thanks to

  • James Beckinsale, Lead Triathlon Coach of London Academy and Optima Racing Team
  • Dr Carolyn Plateau, Lecturer in Psychology, Loughborough University


Key published research papers and reviews
Sponsored by


BASEM supported this project as the aim of this organisation is to provide support and education to those caring for athletes and individuals undertaking, or aspiring to undertake, regular physical activity at all levels. BASEM has a wide range of multidisciplinary members, including medically qualified doctors and other healthcare professionals involved in sport and exercise medicine.

As RED-S is a condition impacting all level of exerciser and requiring input from a multidisciplinary team, BASEM is ideally placed to raise awareness about RED-S and provided practical information about recognising and managing this condition seen across a range of sports and dance. Putting the health of the athlete/dancer centre stage.

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