Nutrition Resource Paper 2016

By the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science


The widely circulated Nutrition Fact Sheet, written by Pricilla Clarkson, PhD, under the auspices of the IADMS Education Committee has been the basis of nutritional information for many dancers since its publication in 2003. This resource paper updates and addresses information which was not available in the first publication. This resource paper and planned future fact sheets derived from this paper, are aimed at dancers and dance students, as well as dance educators all around the world. The information is based on the most up-to-date evidence-based sports and dance research that are currently available at the time of this writing. This paper aims to be a practical guide for educators and dancers, focusing on the whole nutritional milieu, and providing information which can inform choices and offer flexible strategies. A range of measures (e.g. oz. vs. grams) and several terms are used to describe foods (e.g. biscuit vs. cookie) to make the paper reach an international audience. Specific references are included so the reader can obtain further information for self- study. There is also a general reading list and many links within the paper to direct the reader to appropriate sources from the US, UK, and Australia for additional information.


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